Walkers Towing & Recovery is a truck repair, towing, and trailer repair contractor in Bowling Green, KY.


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Towing services run the gamut in Bowling Green, KY. That is why it can be hard to discern whether or not you are working with a low quality, average, or elite towing service. Also, how can you be sure if you are being charged the correct price for the towing services? Many towing contractors get away with overcharging clients for minimal work. All of these criteria should lead you to believe that a towing contractor you can trust is very valuable. That’s why you should talk to us.

Go ahead – compare pricing offered from Walkers Towing & Recovery with other towing services in Bowling Green, KY and beyond. You will undoubtedly find that we offer our services for cheaper rates than the rest. This is not an indication of lower quality service, but merely a promise of higher customer service. We put a higher premium on satisfying our clients, and this means taking their financial priorities into account. With Walkers Towing & Recovery, you will get more for paying less.

If you are debating whether or not Walkers Towing & Recovery is the towing company that cares about its clients, consider the fact that we offer emergency towing services 24 hours a day, every day. That’s right, Walkers Towing & Recovery will be there whenever you need us, and we are only one phone call away. Emergency towing projects give us the opportunity to assist our clients when they need us the most, and that is why we take so much pride in our ability to offer emergency services.

Walkers Towing & Recovery is simply the towing company that goes the extra mile where other towing services give up. We will arrive quicker to the scene than the rest of the competition, and we will charge less. What else do you truly need in a towing provider?

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